12 Point Winter Check

Ampthill MOT Centre offer Car Servicing & Repairs while you wait.

Get your new tyres at Ampthill MOT Centre.


Get your tyres from Ampthill MOT Centre, Bedfordshire

We keep in stock a budget tyre (brand may vary), mid range (Evergreen), and premium brand Avon tyres. If you don't want any of the above tyres that we keep stock, any tyre that you require can be sourced for the next working day.

Tyre tread safety at Ampthill MOT Centre, Bedfordshire

Maintain a safe car by regularly checking your tyre tread depth

Things to look out for

  • Under inflated tyres (wears the edges quicker)
  • Over inflated tyres (wears the centre quicker)
  • Wear and tear on edges due to misalignment

If you buy a brand new pair of tyres, we will offer a free alignment check.

Why not have a cup of tea with us while you wait for your MOT? We insist!